Who We Are?

Owl Discount was established in the year 2017 in Canada. We operate our business in Canada and serve only to the Canadian demographic. All our wholesale suppliers are located in Canada. We try our best to keep the profit margin at minimal and offer very competitive prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most customer-centric online discount store where Canadians can find and discover newer and popular brand products as a resolution to their daily needs and wants and inspire themselves into a worry-free and simplified lifestyle.

Our Mission

As a discount general merchandise store, Owl Discount wants to ensure that its customers achieve and enjoy a higher quality of lives with extra savings on each purchase.

Thomas Snow Founder/Director

Anna Baranov Customer Care Specialist

Andre Kowalsy Support Team Supervisor

Pamela Doe Marketing Specialist

Susan McCain Packaging Team Lead

Our Goals

Owl Discount strives to offer the best possible competitive yet affordable “price vs. performance” ratio of products to ensure the best value for money spent with an excellent customer satisfaction rate. We also strive to adhere to the industry standard i.e “higher quality vs. performance” of products reflecting on our prices.


Our Objective

Owl Discount tirelessly and continuously hunts for better quality and performance products with popular and emerging brands while keeping the profit margin at a minimal level.


Company History

Established in 2017.

Cooperate with Us!

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What can we do for you ?

For Customer Service and Support, before or after-sale inquiries, please send us an email through our secure “contact us” form and we will reply within 24 hours.

We constantly look for the best quality products and reputable brands to provide with the best value for your money.

We try our best to choose the fastest delivery options available within the shipping cost charged to our customers.

We have a dedicated customer care team to provide with an on-time responses.

We have hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers who frequently visit our store and happy with our products and discount prices.