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Sacha Inchi Oil Organic


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Extraction Method: Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined

We chose to include Sachi Inchi Oil into our skin care product range because of the fantastic benefits this natural plant can make to your skin, hair and nails. It helps to restore moisture balance, therefore can be used to relieve itchy, scaly and chronically dry skin, including inflamed or irritated skin.
Sacha Inchi has only recently been rediscovered because of the high protein and oil content of its seed it is one of the best of the Argan oils family and is now quickly spreading to the rest of the world. The oil obtained from the Sacha Inchi seed is 100% natural, contains no additives and is one of the richest natural vegetable sources of omega fatty acids, essential for human life. Sacha Inchi oil contains Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (9%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%). It is also rich in iodine and vitamin A and E.
Light oil that absorbs quickly.
Excellent emollient and can help improve moisture retention.
Rich in iodine and amino acids.
Contains high levels of vitamins A and E (alpha-tocopherol), which gives it extraordinarily strong antioxidant properties, therefore excellent for anti-aging.
Exceptionally high in Omega 3 (48%), Omega 6 (35%), Omega 9 (35%), proteins (33%) and antioxidants (50%).
One of the richest sources of omega 3, which can be almost 50% and thought to be one of the richest sources of this fatty acid and such a fatty acid profile is rarely found in other oils.
Can help to balance acne-prone skin.
Excellent choice for mature and ageing skin.
Exceptionally soothing to dry or irritated skin.
A good choice of oil for the lips, nails, hair and scalp.

Botanical Name Plukenetia Volubilis
Country of origin Peru
Cultivation Organically grown
Extraction Method Cold Pressed / Unrefined
Color Yellow to golden yellow liquid.
Scent Earthy, Nutty
Texture Liquid
Ingredients 100% Organic Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia Volubilis)

We recommend applying Sacha Inchi oil directly to the skin one to two times daily to improve skin softness and elasticity. It helps to restore moisture balance, therefore can be used to relieve itchy, scaly and chronically dry skin, including inflamed or irritated skin.To help heal and cool sunburned skin, apply on the affected area twice daily.
Use as a daily moisturizer. It can be used after shower, with skin still damp, spread generous amount over entire body, concentrating in the driest areas, rinsing away excess to leave skin dewy soft and smooth. When used daily your body will respond to the refreshing and invigorating benefits of Sacha Inchi Seed Oil.

Warnings Not known.
Shelf Life 2 years
Manufacture Best Natures Cosmetic
Country of Manufacture Canada

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Our products ingredients are alive and 100% natural. All of our oils are ethically produced and are free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All our oils and butters have been made traditional way, cold pressed, unrefined and without any additives. Those oils have the biggest size of healing and moisturizing fraction. The best skin care that nature could offer you without all the gimmicks, fillers and artificial ingredients. We recommend for everyone. Every household should have at least one container of Natural Oil as Almond, Prickly Pear, Passion Fruit or other among the beauty supplies for better, younger looking skin! The secret to super hydrated healthy skin that comes from Mother Nature. OUR COMMITMENT: We are committed to providing the world with the highest quality, natural, pure organic skin care products made by Mother Nature! Make it affordable for everybody by offering a variety of pack size, ranging from 5ml to Gallons. Constantly research and source new products that meet our customers growing needs. Offer highest levels, outstanding Customer Service. Our dedication to customer service means that we aim to ensure that every time our customers deal with Best Natures Cosmetic, it is a pleasant and memorable experience. We will always be true to you as we are to ourselves and if we wouldn’t use the products ourselves, or share them with our family and friends than we would never sell them to you.

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